"We have had the pleasure of watching Franki perform live on numerous occasions here in the Tampa Bay area, both by herself and leading various ensemble casts. She can do it all, from sassy comedy to straight striptease, from extreme fetish to traditional, vaudeville-style burlesque. She shines in the spotlight and has a natural stage presence that is a pleasure to watch. With consummate professionalism and unflappable charisma, she commands the room. Catching her act is always a pleasure. Franki Markstone is smart, sexy, funny, and entertaining no matter what she does." - Austin Collins, Author

"Franki Markstone is everything you need in an emcee. From a production standpoint she's professional, prepared, and easy to work with. She effortlessly engages the audience and her infectious humor and energy influence not just the audience but the cast and overall feel of the event. We loved having her as our host for the Dallas Fetish Ball and cannot recommend her enough."

- Courtney Crave, Events Manager at The Church Dallas

"Franki is an absolute gem to work with. She is super talented and creative.  She always has the audience in the palm of her hand. She is always a professional and communicative and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for great talent." - Thomas Crane, killDevilfilms

"Franki Markstone exudes confidence and charisma on stage, period.  As the producer for Purple Nightshade Productions, I cannot recommend her professionalism, her thoroughness, or her charm as a host enough.  She is firm when necessary, funny always, and someone who makes sure the audience comes into a good time and leaves feeling though they had one." -DellaKate Flower,  Purple NightShade Productions

"I have hired Franki to emcee countless events over the years. Her ability to hold an audience of any size, is spectacular. My audiences appreciate her comedic timing and assertiveness. We rarely have disrespectful audience members but if we do, she handles them efficiently and effectively. She’s always early, unless otherwise stated, and shows enthusiasm. She works well with each cast member and is kind to all staff at every venue. Works superbly in all environments and has great adaptability. Pays attention to inclusivity and is very respectful. Stellar emcee and performer. A go-to for me now and for many years past. Highly recommended and great to travel with, as we have gone around the country and out of the country together for productions."

- Mayven Missbehaven, Owner of Exquisite Entertainers